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Baby Borodin

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Baby Borodin classes provide a framework for babies and toddlers to receive early exposure to classical music. As a certified Suzuki Early Childhood instructor, I follow a well-researched curriculum that develops mind-body connection, while teaching skills that are foundational to speech development, fluent language ability, and greater reading proficiency.

Classes flow through a series of routine interactive activities designed to nurture creativity and sharpen a child’s ability to assimilate new information and experiences.

As active participants, parents are encouraged to celebrate the small but significant milestones unique to their child’s growth.

Families who participate in this program, see music as a fun and effective way to develop and appreciate their child’s abilities. For more information about Baby Borodin classes and schedule, please get in touch.

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The program’s namesake is loosely inspired by the life of Alexander Borodin (1833-1887), whose symphonies, quartets, and operas are regarded among the finest concert pieces ever written. Yet in spite of his great achievements as a composer, music was not Borodin’s main profession.

By day, he was a prominent scientist who pursued high-level research and taught at a prestigious university. His story reveals how a foundation in classical music can help to build a well-developed mind and inspire a lifelong commitment to excellence, applicable to a wide range of paths.



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To learn more about Baby Borodin, please get in touch.

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