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The AW Academy offers private violin lessons to students ages 3-adult. Whether a beginner or a more experienced player, weekly lessons equip students with a framework for their musical growth that is both rigorous and inspiring.  In addition to private lessons, enrolled students have the opportunity to expand their musical awareness by performing at studio recitals and attending concerts by other members of The AW Academy.

My knowledge of violin technique stems from the method of renowned pedagogue Ivan Galamian, whose approach I learned through my primary violin teacher while at Juilliard. I am also certified to teach in the Suzuki method, which provides an abundance of resources for developing ability and technique in young musicians.

Playing an instrument requires a complex degree of coordination between the rational and creative spheres of the brain. Regularly challenging one’s mind in this way places students on a trajectory towards the professional focus most in line with their unique passions and abilities.

Musical growth can be a lifelong endeavor. The AW Academy enables students to develop the focus and self-confidence required to achieve their goals at every step along their musical journey. I look forward to discussing how my program will guide your musical development.

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"Alexis has been a wonderful teacher for our daughter. She focuses on fundamentals and challenges our daughter to synthesize the multiple skills required to produce good music, such as bow technique, intonation, and emotion. Our daughter enjoys her lesson time with Alexis a great deal."

"After a few months of lessons, our child has slowly but surely started to develop the ability to practice independently at home through recollection of the instructions received in class. We are very happy with our child's progress under Alexis' direction."

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