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Metropolitan String Orchestra


The Metropolitan String Orchestra (MSO) was established to provide young musicians the opportunity to both learn and perform in musical ensembles. While students typically join large symphonic groups, it is less common for young musicians to play in smaller string orchestras or chamber music ensembles. However, these more intimate musical experiences provide important leadership opportunities that require students to be more confidently prepared, while inspiring a new level of awareness when collaborating with others.

MSO attracts committed musicians from Connecticut, Westchester County, Manhattan, Long Island, and New Jersey. Recent MSO performances have been hosted by Fairfield University, The Lounsbury House, and various cultural and community centers in Manhattan and Fairfield County.

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Young musicians ages 8-18 are invited to audition for the Metropolitan String Orchestra. Upon acceptance, musicians are placed in an ensemble appropriate to their age and level of experience.

Repertoire is selected and rehearsals are scheduled in preparation for an upcoming performance. For further inquiries or to schedule an audition, please get in touch.

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Marta Bagratuni, Cello

Marta is a graduate of the University of Michigan and a professional cellist who has performed at prestigious international venues including the Kennedy Center and the ZK Matthews Hall in South Africa. An active recording artist who performs in a range of styles from classical to pop, Alexis and Marta have enjoyed numerous musical collaborations.

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Alexis Walls, Violin

Alexis is the founder and director of the Metropolitan String Orchestra . She has been offering ensemble opportunities to young musicians since 2010. In 2013, Alexis invited additional guest artists to join the faculty of MSO and assist with coaching students and presenting performances. More information about Alexis can be found here.

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Lynelle James, Piano

Lynelle received her doctorate from the University of Michigan and has performed as a professional pianist at Carnegie Hall, Lincoln Center, and prominent venues internationally. Introduced by a teacher at Juilliard, Alexis and Lynelle began playing together in middle school, which laid the groundwork for a musical partnership they continue to enjoy.  





MSO Fall Concert

october 27, 2019

St. Catherine of Siena Church

riverside, ct


MSO Performs at

Gala Event

november 4, 2019


new york, ny





“My 16 year-old and 13 year-old had the most fantastic experience with Alexis. It was their first time as part of a chamber group and Ms. Walls proved to be a superb mentor. Playing in a good chamber group gives one a very different and essential perspective of being a musician. My girls look forward to playing with the MSO again in the near future.”

“Alexis has really been enhancing my chamber music skills. I have learned so much from her and she helps me to further my musicality and technique work. She invests so much time and energy to improve my piano playing in a chamber music setting. I would recommend Alexis to any serious musician.”



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Enjoy an excerpt from MSO’s recent performance of the Romanian Folk Dances by Hungarian composer, Béla Bartók."



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To learn more about the Metropolitan String Orchestra, please get in touch.

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